Standard Global Pod £2495.00 INCLUDES Assembly +Delivery charge Order NOW: +44(0)1743 249498
       Standard  Global Pod     £2495.00 INCLUDES   Assembly+Delivery charge Order NOW:+44(0)1743 249498

Welcome to Global Pods


The NEW versatile, unique, easy maintenance and comfortable two person camping pod concept. Can be permanent or semi-permanent.


Designed, tested and manufactured in Shropshire, UK; it really is an exciting opportunity for your site or garden and one not to be missed! your vision is our creation.


Does your site or garden have problems with drainage or flooding? or is it a hilly site? This is no problem for our unique "post high" foundation system which comes as standard with our pods.


Is there a need??


YES, Global Pods has spoken to many outdoor enthusiasts and families- campers, walkers, mountain bikers, rock climbers, fishermen, surfers and canoers to name a few. They said great product, just what the camping pod market needs! A comfy sleeping area, plenty of storage space potential and a place to chill and relax out of the elements.


No place is too far or inaccessable with this design- here at Global Pods we like a challenge!


Please browse our website and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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