Standard Global Pod £2495.00 INCLUDES Assembly +Delivery charge Order NOW: +44(0)1743 249498
       Standard  Global Pod     £2495.00 INCLUDES   Assembly+Delivery charge Order NOW:+44(0)1743 249498

Global Pod benefits to users

  1. Ready assembled and ready to jump into.
  2. Very sturdy, robust and wind proof design.
  3. Sound proof.
  4. Convenient sized covered porch area creates a brilliant "alfresco" living space.
  5. Many unique/ suitable/ easy accessible storage areas.
  6. A sense of living close to nature.
  7. Accessible for wheel chair users- necessary ramps can be added.
  8. Have a comfy, dry and warm night’s sleep all year round.
  9. No worries of having to take down a soggy wet tent after your stay.
  10. Stay in some wonderful peaceful locations away from a busy life style.
  11. Extends camping season potential on busy sites.
  12. 24hr access to FREE "green" electricity for charging and using those necessary electronic devices- (optional extra to pod buyer)
  13. Bedding could be provided- so less sleeping stuff to take with you.
  14. Easy accessible doorway- no unnecessary bending down low to get into pod.
  15. Instant door way seat provided.
  16. Easy to open clear PVC trickle vented window allows a good amount of natural light in and airflow.
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