Standard Global Pod £2495.00 INCLUDES Assembly +Delivery charge Order NOW: +44(0)1743 249498
       Standard  Global Pod     £2495.00 INCLUDES   Assembly+Delivery charge Order NOW:+44(0)1743 249498


Simple, versatile, comfy, large porch area, unique, easy to clean...


Designed for the outdoor enthusiast, nature lover and adventurer! 


The Global Pod is a fully insulated structural panel system concept- using 60mm thick foil wrapped polystyrene and includes a breathable membrane; as well as easy maintenance internal cladding fitted as standard; enabling the pod to be easily cleaned and used all year round, extending your Glamping season.


More panels can be added to the standard pod as seen above to create more space and to make a larger insulated porch area with french doors or a single door if required- please visit our modifications page to see our full list of options available.

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