Standard Global Pod £2495.00 INCLUDES Assembly +Delivery charge Order NOW: +44(0)1743 249498
       Standard  Global Pod     £2495.00 INCLUDES   Assembly+Delivery charge Order NOW:+44(0)1743 249498

Design Features

  1. Extremely versatile design- various options available to suit your location/ needs.
  2. Useful space under the pod to store necessary camping and activity gear- no other pod system has this! Bikes can be locked to posts; surf boards stored, canoes/kayaks, fishing gear, pet dog etc; this design is truly endless in its capabilities.
  3. “A” rated PVC window and security doors fitted as standard.
  4. Easy to maintain internal cladding material fitted as standard for- floor, walls & ceiling.
  5. Pod can simply be laid on blocks a few inches off the ground if a low level pod is desirable.
  6. Can be delivered flat packed or fully assembled (depending on location).
  7. Pods can be stacked- if land is at a premium- steps can be installed to top pod.
  8. Pods can be installed side by side- corner to corner to create “Pod communities”.
  9. Easy to manoeuvre with a telescopic handler/ forklift.
  10. FSC timber used from a sustainable source.
  11. Easy to change exterior cladding for fresh look and seasonal changes.
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